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Standing firm on ethics and transparency, reliable expertise, experience, perfectly tailored IT systems and human resources and value-based vision for Turkey throat, and ensure excellence in ship agency services to our customers in the harbor.

To provide the best professional shipping agency service to our customers in the Turkish straits and ports without compromising ethical values ​​and transparency, with relevant expertise, experience, precisely customized information systems and valuable insight in human resources.

we are dedIcated to provIde the best servIces
at the lowest possIble cost

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  • Ship Spare Parts

    Bodursansupply Industry and Trading Ltd. is an international supplier of brand new and reconditioned spare parts for diesel engines, turbochargers, air compressors and other auxiliary machineries.

  • Logistics

    Functional Options always avaliable with the best prices on your all logistic operations.

  • Ship Repair

    We carry out afloat repairs, steel repairs, any kind of steel and pipe line fabrications timely with excellent quality and best prices within Europe.

  • Representation

    Bodursansupply aims to combine its power with valuable cooperations with Major makers and service providers.

  • Technical Services

    We undertake and perform various marine technical services partially or in combination such as diesel engine and auxiliaries overhaul, engine parts recondition etc.

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